Gertrud & Ad Konings

Cacti have fascinated Gertrud and Ad Konings since they moved to El Paso, Texas, in 1996. A few years later it became more than a fascination and they have traveled extensively throughout the state in order to locate and photograph each and every cactus species in its natural setting. With over nine years of cactus hunting (shooting with a camera exclusively!) under their belt, they are some of the very few people who have seen and photographed each of the 136 species in the wild. Almost all of these species were photographed while in bloom; not a minor achievement when one considers that many species flower for just a single afternoon per year, if at all. 

Gertrud Konings has a PhD in biology and teaches at the El Paso Community College. She is the newsletter editor of the El Paso Cactus and Rock Club. Ad Konings is a biologist by profession and specializes in underwater observation and photo- graphy of cichlids (tropical freshwater fish) and has authored more than 20 books relating to these fishes.
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